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Zurnab Sarfraz

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About me

I am a writing enthusiast, there is some kind of pleasure in writing that lures me towards it (I don't know, i just feel it). Basically i am here to improve and to rev up my learning curve. Self motivation is something that's driving me to embark on this new journey, hope it's going to worth it. Happy Reading :)



Additional Info

In addition to previously provided information, i have been also writing for which is an an IT related blog, designed on Wordpress and initiated as a small business venture by couple of friends. The content of the website is all technology related which includes information about tips and tricks of Ubuntu and Windows. Other than that a spectrum of articles also addresses popular technology news and products such as Android phones, iOS and other Apple products, reviews of new games and software and much more. If you are a tech-freak, do check that website as well.