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The Invisibelt

[Low Tech Gadgets & Appliances]

Have you been looking for a flat-front belt that will not add bulk under slim blouses and tees? The Invisibelt might be just what you need; or not!


Dine on a Dime Asian Style in Stockton, California


New Kim Tar Restaurant in Stockton, California, is a friendly local\'s eatery with lots of Asian flair. Serving Chinese, Vietnamese and Cambodian food, this chef, trained in France, knows how to please the palate of his clientele. The food is priced reasonably and is excellent; a real value for your money!


Wild Swans; Three Daughters of China by Jung Chang

[Book Reviews]

Years ago, I was browsing at a locally owned bookstore for something new to read. On the table marked "Staff Picks," I spotted Wild Swans. Since I was in my "China Phase," I picked the book up. It looked interesting so I bought it and took it home. This turned out to be one of the best book-buy choices in my years as a prolific reader.