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Anthony Bourdain--

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You will LOVE his shows!


Anthony Bourdain—My Best new TV discovery!

I am so bored with TV that, with the exception of HGTV and Aaron Burnett on CNN—The Big Bang and a few other hours of tolerable television, I thank my lucky stones for the peace and quiet that occurs when I’m alone in the house and I turn the TV off!  Love those times! 

Then, a few weeks ago, my husband taped a program on CNN that we had never seen before, “Anthony Bourdain; Parts Unknown.”  I was hooked the moment Bourdain’s rather gruff, husky, New York lilted voice began to tell us where he was going in the upcoming episode.  Whoa, now!  Traveling around the world—sampling a bite of, and drinking everything in sight—this guy was speaking to me—directly to me.

I think the show might have begun as a foodie sort of thing; let’s find the best food in every crazy, hidden, hard to reach, hellacious corner of the world; but what was happening on the screen was quite a different and unique story.  In Bourdain’s search for the wildest food on the planet, he managed to capture the soul and spirit of the people he visited.

A week or so later, we discovered that Bourdain has also made many, many episodes of another show, No Reservations.  Like Parts Unknown, Bourdain travels the globe to document how people live by sampling the cuisine and drink in various places.  Again, I was hooked.  Dude stole my job!  Let me see; get paid to trip around the globe partying with cultures from city to distant rainforest, eating with everyone from the best chefs to the tribal chief, washing it all down with whatever the locals love to sip, (or gulp down) then writing about my experiences.  The final icing on the cake; he retires home to his New York flat to watch the finished product unfurl on the telly!  Seriously?  What’s not to love about that job?

Okay, there are a few things about Bourdain’s job that I might not be able to stomach—like the times when he has to taste some disgusting, slimy, scary-looking morsel from some Godforsaken scary-looking place.  I might be a bit squeamish about putting those sorts of things in my mouth.  I’m not sure the producer would be too excited if I turned green and exclaimed, “You want me to eat the intestines of that disgusting creature?!  As if!”  Yes, I’m not sure that would go over too well with the network… 

Nor would the crew be too nuts about having to pull my sorry, hung-over rear end out of bed to shoot a show on the morning following an evening of chugging Pisco Sours with the Peruvian natives.  My tolerance level would pale if compared with Anthony Bourdain’s, but I promise you, I would give it my best shot—for the sake of good television, mind you.

Just when I thought I had pared my TV time calendar down to a few episodes of Burn Notice and Property Brothers, Anthony burst into my life.  I’m obsessed; emphatically pointed out to me by my Sci-Fi strung-out husband.  (Talk about obsessed?  Have you any idea how many hours of Ferengi, The Borg Collective, Green Plant/People hybrids and Shape-Shifters I’ve been forced to endure over the years?)  He can darn well put up with my Bourdain bedazzlement!

Next time you’re thinking there’s nothing worth watching on TV these days, search Anthony Bourdain on your home TV system and give him an hour of your time.  I guarantee that even the seasoned traveler will be impressed with his travels and drawn in by his down-to-Earth, sometimes crude, no-frills attitude toward life in general.  Get back to me and let me know that you’ve been Bourdained!  In a good way…  



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