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The Heretic's Song

Category:Novels Publisher:Kindle ISBN-10:1539340465
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Rehaak the Abrhaani scholar and Laakea the young Eniila warrior are outcasts, men on the run, Lakea , fleeing his father who is honor bound to kill him, and Rehaak, exiled as a heretic, meet and confront their destinies. Rehhaak is unsure of his mission, but Laakea swears a "Sword Oath" that forces Rehaak to decide whether the price of his frienbdship is too high.

together with Isil, a woman with a dark secret, they join forces to seek the Aetheriad. A book containing knowledge their species have lost through centuries of warfare and chaos. Does this ancient tome contain information to summon the Aethera, the powerful ancient enemies of the Nethera, or is it a hopeless waste of time?

Perhaps the help they need lised not in a dusty manuscript, but with the Sokai, a mysterious species who dissapeared from Aarda, millenia ago. If Rehaak and Laakea can find them, will the Sokai join thefight ?

Assassins pursue them and ther peoples refuse to heed their warnings. What can three mismatched outcasts do against insurmountable obstacles? Is their friendship strong enough to sustain them to fulfill their destinies and save their world?

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