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Soothe Your Soul From Grief

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Are you grieving the death of your loved one?
Do you struggle with your moods?
Are you open to the fact that your loved one continues on in spirit?
Do you want to feel better?
Then this is the book for you.

"Soothe Your Soul from Grief” has been written with the aim of helping the bereaved to heal from the overwhelming grief of the death of a loved one. After the death of her two year old daughter Lily to cancer in 2008, Erica felt compelled to share her stories of healing from grief. She has gleaned insights from her own suffering, from her dreams, in meditations and just in knowing that her little girl in fact never left her, although she is no longer physically oriented. Erica hopes you will find inspiration here to walk into your future accomplishing beautiful things knowing your loved one in spirit continues to walk beside you.

"Soothe Your Soul from Grief" promotes the concept that there actually is no "death". It promotes the concept that there is only the continuing existence of your loved one whose focus has just shifted from being in the physical body to now being focused entirely in Spirit or Heaven. It promotes the concept that your loved one in spirit is most definitely not "gone" but is right there loving you as they did before, right there waiting for their chance to communicate with you again.

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