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The Last Day for Rob Rhino

Category:Novels Publisher:Damnation Books ISBN-10:9781615729715
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Nobody’s perfect.

Claire’s hairless and high, on her way to make peace with her husband’s family.  Or, that’s what she says. Rob Rhino’s on his way to the same place but Claire doesn’t know why. She knows she’s seen him somewhere before, but her booze addled brain can’t think of where. After Claire and Rob’s not so cute meeting on the plane bound eastward they go their separate ways. But, like an unpaid bar bill Rob keeps turning up.  

Claire’s prescription drug problem clouds her brain, her judgment. Nothing is what it seems.  Or, is it?  Something’s wrong with her husband’s family. Her son and step-daughter have gone rogue, her pills have stopped working, she’s still bald.  

Through it all, there’s Rob Rhino, a cretin who’s gotten under her skin in ways she never imagined.  Despite the eccentric town’s love and admiration for him, Claire begins to suspect he’s done some very bad things. But Claire’s no saint. Digging around her in-laws dirty laundry has made her some enemies.  Can Rob help her?  Or will he be her undoing? 

A dark, funny yet tragic story about the bonds of family and friendship.

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