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Thursday, 17 January 2019 Contact Us

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The Distance

[Poetry (General--not Contest)]


A fecund, boundless meadow beckons.

Scintillating droplets dance in sunlit breeze.

No pathway guides my feet across the verdant plain.

I do not mind.

I stand,

Content to drink the emerald incandescence with my eyes.

I feel your presence in the distance.


I sense you,

Others can’t or just refuse to seek.

I know the Truth.

I know the Way.

My soul gropes for its dearest longing.

And in my deepest heart I do have peace,

Your gift to me.

I feel your presence in the distance.


Then suddenly the way grows clear.

My starving ear devours your voice.

You summon me.

You advance, still hidden from my feeble eyes.

Your presence obscured by the distance.


I run...


Blades bruise beneath my rushing feet.

Each step scatters liquid gems,

Minute galaxies of brilliance.

Excitement swells.

Breathless with exertion and excitement,

We close the distance.


You race toward me...


Your shining face of joy revealed.

Our eager strides devour the space between us.

You sprint across the distance.




An impact of undiluted ecstasy.

An orgasmic explosion of bliss.

Your passion melts bedrock.

A conflagration of mutual reverence.

The sun, mere candle flame, by comparison.


You’re no vague presence,

Impotent and obscure.

You’re power personified,

A burning blaze,

A holy light.


You are;

My longings satisfied,

My hunger satiated,

My thirst slaked,

My soul, surfeit,

My Savior.

No longer in the distance.

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