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Thursday, 17 January 2019 Contact Us

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Sex-Changes for Prisioneers: Are You Serious?

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I think we've now lost our collective minds.  Some time ago, a northern California District Court Judge ordered that the state grant the right for an inmate, Michelle Norsworthy, to receive a sex change.  Now I think I've heard it all, as my grandmother would have said.

Don't get me wrong; your body is your own, and if you want a sex change, that's fine with me.  My problem is that I am not going to pay for it...oh wait, in this case, I am going to pay for it with my tax dollars--I live in this crazy place we call California where, sometimes I think the world has gone nuts.

I don't think we owe prisoners a pillow, much less a sex change.  I don't think prison should be a picnic, that's why it's prison.  I don't believe we owe prisoners Internet access, fitness facilities, or any luxuries at all, much less a sex change--it's a total sham, and I think that the judge who ordered it should pay for it because I object, your honor, to paying for it!  In fact, I think this is some kind of horrible joke on the people of California.

Now again, let me state that if you are a free person and willing and able to pay for your own sex change, that's just fine with me--I'm not into telling you what to do with your own body or your life, as long as what you do doesn't hurt anyone else, you can have at it.  That includes choosing to end your own life legally if you are ill, with the aid of a doctor; I'm not into telling others what to do with bodies and I'm not a homophobic.  This has nothing to do with my feelings about sexual preference, but it has everything to do with affording prisoners services and privileges that non-criminals cannot afford.  We need to re-think how we treat those we call "prisoners."  They are not staying at the country club, they are incarcerated because they committed crimes against society.




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