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According to me...Slumber positions...

[Humorous Articles]

We all sleep and each one of us has a signature move for's my take on it...


The Big fat Indian Obsessions list

[Everyday Life Around the World]


Mighty Mollusks - The Latest In Pool Cleaning Technology

[Humorous Articles]

Cleaning your pool is unpleasant and labor intensive work, even with an automated pool cleaning system. The author has hit upon the perfect, ecologically friendly solution. With a bit a genetic tinkering this may be the most revolutionary pool care advance since the invention of chlorine.


4 Offers Of Friendship (And a Cry for Help)

[Humorous Articles]

The Internet is a friendly place. Why else would perfect strangers be offering me services that range from access to huge amounts of cash to pills that correct certain physical 'shortcomings' (and never before has a word been more suitable). So which of these offers do is the most attractive? The author has a long hard look.


My Dream


A poem written on imagination Sweet memories of a little Girl Who runs round me With bundles of Hopes With bundles of Wishes One gloomy day My Dream vanished Vanished into thin air Then the Wind blew hard It crushed my Dream It splat my Dream And dropped into the Ocean To the Deep Blue Ocean Down below The pieces scattered The Huge Waves rose Blowing away the pieces Hither and Thither My D R E A M My sweet Dream Is no more !!! Menike Wickramasingha


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