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The Three Magi: Christian Myth Rooted in Reality


Recounting the story of the Three Wise Men of biblical fame. They emerge each Christmas as part of the tale of Jesus' birth. Regardless of the question of accuracy, it continues to be an interesting indication of the reverence given to this season of celebration.


Obamcare Nightmare

[Current Events]

Lately, strange things have been happening to Americans who have healthcare insurance. The Affordable Care Act is clearly the culprit, and Americans are realizing that Obama wasn't exactly forthright when forcing this new law down the throats of the American public.


Back on the Diet Wagon Again

[Aging--The realities of our aging population]

A new way of eating or just another diet plan? When this writer became unhappy with her over-sixty, spreading waistline, she put Beyond Diet to the test.


The Hawaiian Sunset


In the Hawaiian Islands, the sunset each evening is an event enjoyed by visitors and natives alike.


Hawaii Travel: Hotel or Condo?


Planning your Hawaiian vacation? Take a look at our price comparison between Hotels and Condos. You may be shocked at the price difference.


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