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What Is Flash Fiction?


Discover the key elements of flash fiction, a new creative writing genre that developed out of pulp science fiction and fantasy, with a little poetic license thrown in.


The Origins of 'Trick or Treat'


Why do children go door to door on Halloween and cry 'trick or treat!'? The tradition goes back thousands of years, and has changed many times down through the ages. Find out why we celebrate Halloween and how to tailor the celebration to your own faith.


An 'Other' Chapter to the Agnostic


The new atheism is becoming evangelical, but certainty that God does not exist is as irrational as certainty that God does exist. Uncertainty has its rewards, and reason is the wrong tool for developing faith and a respect for mystery.


Are Mediums All Scammers?

[The Paranormal]

Many mediums are scammers and fakes, but some are sincere, and almost all hold a consistent set of beliefs about death and the afterlife.


The Fourth Kind

[The Paranormal]

The recent science fiction blockbuster 'The Fourth Kind' depicts alien abduction experiences and current alien abduction theories fairly accurately, but the people and events the movie claims to be factual are bogus.