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Google Adwords Marketing Explained In Detail


Google Adwords is the most powerful way to market anything on the internet--and also the fastest. With Google Adwords, anyone can start sending traffic to their stores, websites and blogs as soon as 15 minutes after the ad is submitted to Google for approval, which is done automatically.


How To Make Serious Money With Google Adsense

[Cyber Business: Blogging, Site Building, Promoting & More]

Google Adsense is the biggest online advertising program created by Google, and its goal is to allow all kinds of publishers and content producers to generate revenue from their work.


The Indie Authorís Guide to Smashwords


Ever wondered about self-publishing your book through Smashwords? Ever wished you could hear an honest review from someone who has used the site? In this article, I answer frequently asked questions about Smashwords, and give you a detailed account of my own personal experience with the site.


The Michigan Dogman: West Michigan's Own Werewolf

[Random Subjects--Stuff That Doesn't Fit Anywhere Else]

Does a werewolf really inhabit the woods of West Michigan and other parts of the northern midwestern United States? The truth is, werewolves are more common than you might think, even in the U.S.


The World of Book Blogging

[Online Writer's Column]

Many people now turn to book bloggers to find reviews and recommendations for their next great read. Read on to learn about the wonderful world of book blogging.


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