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Around the world, most of the men are depressed due to the sexual difficulties caused by medical and psychological health problems.


Sex-Changes for Prisioneers: Are You Serious?

[Sound-Off--Rant & Rave or Editorialize on Any Topic]

Now we are paying for sex changes for prisoners--Say WHAT?


Why Do We Hate Flying These Days?

[Sound-Off--Rant & Rave or Editorialize on Any Topic]

It's really not surprising that passengers on US airliners are getting into mid-flight altercations more often these days. Humans weren't meant to be crammed in tiny spaces built for gnomes, starved for hours while being charged sky-high prices once reserved for Business Class travel.


Sanctuary Cities: Revoke Funding NOW!

[News & Current Events]

Do we seriously believe that it's okay for illegals to come here, to repeatedly commit crimes, but be released back into our communities here in the United States? San Francisco does.


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