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The Life of Afghan Women

[Women's Issues]

"Being a woman is not easy in Afghanistan. Most are illiterate, and have no one who wants to support their educational desires. Even more are used and abused as young children, some being married or engaged to be married at just ten years old. You might think that this treatment of women cannot change – but it has changed in the recent past, and hopefully it will continue a positive change in the future."


Paris Travel: Rent an Apartment or Hotel Stay?


Amazing Paris! When you travel to The City of Lights, will you choose to rent an apartment or stay in a hotel? The choice is obvious for this writer!


Make the World a Better Place...Plant a Tree!!


Planting trees for beauty, shade, energy saving, environmental quality, and health.


You can't blame IT on the rain


In relationships both men and women always look for something or someone to blame IT on. The word IT, symbolizes what ever the problem may be.


Must See Places in California; Carmel & The Central Coast


There is a common misconception that California consists of the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles and San Francisco. If you are one of those people who sees California through this narrow perspective, you are missing the most amazing spots in California; places that are among the most beautiful and unique in the world. This article focuses on the central coast of California.


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