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An Open Letter to my Dog

[Pets--Our Furry & Not So Furry Friends]

!!!!2nd Place Winner in the Article Writing Contest!!!! Some things my dog needs to know.


I Don't Even Like Golf

[Sound-Off--Rant & Rave or Editorialize on Any Topic]

Does, as Nike says in regards to Tiger Woods, "Winning take care of everything?" If you're a pro golfer, it just might.


Put Me In, My Time is Now

[Humorous Articles]

The time is now for two years of community college to start paying off for a 43 year old would be broadcaster.


Mandatory Sentences and Stand Your Ground Laws Need to be Amended

[Sound-Off--Rant & Rave or Editorialize on Any Topic]

**Best Article Entry**Two laws that are in place supposedly to help prevent violent crime failed Marissa Alexander, a victim of domestic violence, who is serving a 20-year sentence for firing a gun into a ceiling to try and stop her abuser from attacking her 9 days after she gave birth to their child.


Solar Energy - How Can We Simplify?

[Green Place--Ecology & Daily Green Living]

Solar energy is free. Can we learn how to use it in an organic and highly efficient manner, similar to the ways that life itself uses it?