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Should Celebrities Be Role Models?

[Sound-Off--Rant & Rave or Editorialize on Any Topic]

Chris Brown, Rihanna, Tiger Woods, and Lance Armstrong are all celebrities that have messed up in their personal lives. Should they be admonished for not being 'good role models'?


An Open Letter to my Dog

[Pets--Our Furry & Not So Furry Friends]

!!!!2nd Place Winner in the Article Writing Contest!!!! Some things my dog needs to know.


I Don't Even Like Golf

[Sound-Off--Rant & Rave or Editorialize on Any Topic]

Does, as Nike says in regards to Tiger Woods, "Winning take care of everything?" If you're a pro golfer, it just might.


Put Me In, My Time is Now

[Humorous Articles]

The time is now for two years of community college to start paying off for a 43 year old would be broadcaster.


Mandatory Sentences and Stand Your Ground Laws Need to be Amended

[Sound-Off--Rant & Rave or Editorialize on Any Topic]

**Best Article Entry**Two laws that are in place supposedly to help prevent violent crime failed Marissa Alexander, a victim of domestic violence, who is serving a 20-year sentence for firing a gun into a ceiling to try and stop her abuser from attacking her 9 days after she gave birth to their child.


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