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Why Oklahoma?

[Everyday Life Around the World]

This is a personal account regarding the devastating Oklahoma tornadoes on May 19-20, 2013.


Sending Thoughts and Prayers to Our Friends in Oklahoma

[News & Current Events]

In light of the tragedy in Oklahoma, we send our deepest condolences to those in Oklahoma. Know that the entire country is thinking of you.


Exploring Singapore using the five senses, starting with: Taste

[Humorous Articles]

Singapore is widely recognized as having some of the greatest cuisine in the world. What would happen if one ignored thousands of year's of fine Asian culinary tradition and simply decided to sample the uniquely local flavors of the local 7-Eleven? Let's find out.


Bejewelling Your Nether Regions; Vagazzling, are You Flippin' Kidding Me?

[Humorous Articles]

A trend began some time ago, that involves decorating one’s crotch before a date--with jewels! If you're young and hip, you might have heard about vagazzling. I thought I'd heard it all, but wait...this is some crazy stuff!


10 HOT tips--Why Writing on the Equator Isn't all You Think it Might Be!

[Humorous Articles]

!!!!3rd Place Winner in the Article Writing Contest!!!! What happens when the muse strikes on the equator? It's not what you think - this is the jungle baby and creative writing in this neighborhood is not all coconuts and waving palm trees.