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Is Gun Control Really the Answer?

[Society At Large]

Is the answer to curbing violence in America really gun control?


I heard a gentleman speak just after the horror at Sandy Hook.  He was representing the NRA in a speech responding to the finger-pointing that followed the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. He spoke about gun control and how our most precious citizens are left vulnerable and unprotected each day at school.  

So, now I have a very important question to pose: Why do our politicians have their own Capitol Hill police to protect them when our kids have no protection at schools? Nothing stops a bad guy with a gun like a good guy with a gun and a better shot! Nothing slows down a psycho with a gun better than a well-placed bullet.

How many fewer people would have died in that Colorado theater if a couple of guys (or girls) in the audience that night had had a gun and had known how to use it?  A sad commentary on life in the US, but until our mental health system is improved and background checks for gun buyers is tightened, and until video games don't glamorize that "killing is fun," we need to face the grim reality that what we need is to be able to protect ourselves and the most vulnerable among us.  If it's NOT okay to put police on our campuses, then tell Congress they don't need funds for Capitol Police.  Tell Obama he really doesn't need the Secret Service and armed guards on the grounds of the White House if our kids don't deserve the same.

Making schools "gun-free" zones--now there's a plan that works well!  Ask the poor, defenseless psychologist at Sandy Hook School, how well trying to "talk down" that madman worked for her, as she and the principal tried to face him to protect the children in their care.  I don't know what else to say other than we protect our banks, our airports, our illustrious politicians with armed guards, but we leave our most precious children vulnerable and unprotected.

If you think guns are the problem in this country and gun control is the only answer, think about this:  Should you need to call 911 for help when you hear someone breaking into your house at midnight, (God forbid) be sure you ask for a peacy-bopper armed with a psychology degree rather than a well trained cop with a gun.  Again, nothing stops a person with a gun and bad intentions better than a good guy with a gun and a really good aim.

In a perfect world, it's true; there wouldn't be any guns. But our society isn't perfect, and even in countries where there are few if any guns, somehow, the bad guys still find a way to get guns and commit horrible crimes--remember those kids at summer camp on that island?  No society is immune from crazies or those seeking to harm others, and we need to stop dreaming and start acting to protect our loved ones.  Tell your Congressman and Senators that if our kids don’t deserve the funds to be protected from madmen, then neither does Congress.  Obama is already making noises about gun control, but I’ve heard nothing from him about providing funds to protect our kids in a real-world sort of way.  He really doesn’t need all of those armed guards protecting him if there’s no money in the budget to provide protection for our kids. 

I’m sure there will be areas of this country that will have guards in place on their campuses soon.  Inner city schools already often have armed guards on campus.  Why is that the case, and don’t our other schools deserve the same security?

We need to think seriously about this problem and to act NOW to secure our school campuses before some other atrocity happens to harm our children.  Meanwhile, yes, we need to work toward fixing the broken mental health system in this country. 

We need to strengthen background checks on gun-buyers.  We need to ban the ability for some nut to buy a gun and take it home from some gun fair. 

We need to take the responsibility to secure the weapons we own in our homes in a very real, safe and secure way.  I think no gun should be sold to anyone without a gun safe to go with it—or proof that there is already a gun safe in place in the buyer’s home.

We need to protect our kids from video games that promote killing for reward. 

We need to tell Hollywood, enough with the violent movies--we need to stop de-sensitizing our kids to violence; you don’t get shot and get up to go out for cocktails the next day!

Guns should not be toys; they are weapons, and kids need to be educated to respect guns as such and told to stay far away from them.  Guns seen as toys sends a bad message to kids.  The message should be that guns should only be put into the hands of those who are trained to use them for the greater good; not to be taken lightly and certainly never should be seen as “toys.”

All of those things need attention; meanwhile we need to demand that our children be protected when we send them off to school each morning.  Nothing less is acceptable.  

I know that many readers will disagree with my thinking and that's okay.  Let's get a dialogue going because this is a subject that needs to be addressed.  Leave a comment and let's talk about it.


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