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Book Review of: Soothe Your Soul From Grief; A Mother's Inspiration

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A touching story written by an amazing writer

Review of: Soothe Your Soul From Grief--A Mother's Inspiration after Losing Her Two Year Old Daughter to Cancer

Soothe Your Soul From Grief is a most beautiful and poignant book, written from the heart—a work of love that only a mother who has lost a beloved child could write.  Soothe Your Soul From Grief begins with the story of Erica Farrimond's two-year-old baby daughter, Lily, who waged a brave battle against cancer. 

The tender way that Farrimond takes us through the life and passing of her precious, blond Lily, will take your breath from you.  Though your eyes may fill with tears, this book is an important read.  Erica’s beautiful expression of love for Lily is palpable as she recounts helping her child to transition to spirit.  Soothe Your Soul From Grief raises hope for all of us that our loved ones never really leave us.  That is the gift that Soothe Your Soul From Grief gives the reader. 

Throughout this beautifully crafted book, Farrimond reaches out to those in grief in order to help them along the grief journey.  This is the real purpose of Soothe Your Soul From Grief; to help release grieving souls from the desperation and deep sense of loss that grips them.  It may sound trite to say that exercises in meditation can make the sadness go away, but Erica actually offers so much more than that.  The methods she offers help to quiet the soul and bring the grief-stricken closer to the loved one in spirit.  In so doing, there is a kind of genuine peace that helps one make sense of the loss, enabling one to move forward with life.  It’s easy to get stuck in the grief process, but Farrimond offers a take-charge method of dealing with grief that allows one to accept one’s “new reality” after a loss, thus enabling the heart to begin the healing process. 

A bereaved parent never “gets over” the loss of a child; but with acceptance and understanding comes a sense of peace that opens the door to healing.  Quieting the mind allows one to hear what the heart is saying.  No one can tell another person how to grieve.  Everyone grieves in one’s own time and way; this is certainly true.  I know this from having listened to hundreds of grieving parents.  However, taking control of one’s grief is the key to moving forward and learning to live again.  This is not an easy task, but Erica reassures the reader throughout her book, that there are positive ways of supporting oneself in order to better handle the pain and move toward healing. 

Again, no one can tell a person how to grieve; yet many people in our lives will try to do just that—tell the grieving parent or spouse that it’s time to “move on.”  I’ve heard the anger in the voices of so many grieving parents who have been told by well-meaning loved ones to “Get over it.”  These parents' hearts are so broken that they feel they can barely breathe; much less “get over it.”  Erica deals with this issue, and it is such an important one—one that is hurtful and confusing to a person who is grieving.  “Why doesn’t anyone get what I’m going through?”  “How can anyone expect me to get over it?”  It is so important for those on the grief path to know that they must grieve in their own way, and Erica helps supply the confidence and tools to allow one to do just that.

Farrimond weaves her own story of loss intricately with methods that she devised to survive the loss of her Lily.  By sharing her experiences, she allows others to believe that they, too, might survive the loss of a child or loved one.  Erica’s story of loss is tragic yet uplifting; a true testament to the resilience of the human spirit.  Moreover, it promises hope to those who feel that they have none.  I am a writer, but I’m also a parent of a child who has now crossed over to spirit.  When my Jodi died, I thought I might never survive the loss.  I found Erica’s healing work to be strangely familiar, as I had practiced many of her methods to try to pull myself from the grasp of grief.  I know from a personal perspective, that finding methods to look within oneself is the way to opening the door to the healing process—and Erica shows the reader exactly how to achieve that. 

As part of my own healing process, I established a Facebook Grief Group in order to reach out to other bereaved parents.  The response was overwhelming, but the friends I’ve made and people I’ve met, have been amazing.  I will definitely recommend Soothe Your Soul From Grief to parents and family members in grief.  I believe that Erica’s touching story offers the promise of life beyond grief from deep within this mother’s heart.  No textbook on grief could hope to achieve what this wonderful writer has accomplished by reaching out with her own story of love and enlightenment.

Shay Davidson, Founder Grief, A Facebook Group for Parents and Families of Loss

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