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Articles by Madison Parker-Leigh

Bejewelling Your Nether Regions; Vagazzling, are You Flippin' Kidding Me?

[Humorous Articles]

A trend began some time ago, that involves decorating one’s crotch before a date--with jewels! If you're young and hip, you might have heard about vagazzling. I thought I'd heard it all, but wait...this is some crazy stuff!


The dumbest thing I've ever bought online

[Humorous Articles]

Check out this video and let me know if you don't think this is the stupidest purchase ever!


When the Government Interferes Between Doctor & Patient

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Even with new technology allowing physicians to transmit prescriptions via computer to pharmacies, why is it that for some prescriptions, one still needs to walk the prescription into the pharmacy? Just one example of how the government sticks it's nose into that space between doctor and patient.


Is Gun Control Really the Answer?

[Society At Large]

Is the answer to curbing violence in America really as simple as gun control? This writer doesn't believe that taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens will lead to a safer America.


How Writing Reviews Can Boost Your Online Writing Income


Reviews are easy and quick to write, fill a need and provide extra income so that you can spend the bulk of your writing time working on that novel you've always wanted to write.


Deepak Chopra's Secrets of Meditation