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Thursday, 17 January 2019 Contact Us

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The Sunlit Path (Where We Walked)


The Sunlit Path

I tried to remember the sunlit paths
That we used to walk on long, lazy days
I could feel the warmth of light's embrace
And retrace the footsteps on the long trodden path

I remember the song of birds in the air
And the babbling whispers of the brook
I can remember how the leaves danced
And how the wind smelled so sweet

I remember the uneven path
And the softness of the grass
I still can feel the rain of the Spring
And the warmth of those Summer days

Yet there is one thing I fail to recall
It's rather silly actually
And I'm almost embarrassed to say
I can't remember you

It seems we walk together on this path
And have for a time and maybe more
Yet your visage passes more as a dream
There is little I can recall

Perhaps you are there and I don't see
Blinded by my own love and vices
I hope to see you in fullness one day
But until then, can we walk some more?


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