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Wednesday, 19 December 2018 Contact Us

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My Secret Escape.

[Short Story]
As far back as I can remember I haven't always been the happiest, well thouht out girl. I have had my ups and downs just like any other normal person. For a while I stayed down. I was so tired of living. I would lay in the bed and sob about my life. One day I had enough. I hated the person I became and I turned to writing to escape it all. As soon as my pen hit the paper I was astonished to see the person I had become. I was no longer my normal dark, depresed girl I was a new woman with joyous life in my eyes. For years I was filling my life with what other people expected of me and not with what made me truly happy. When I let out all my dreams and hopes onto paper I was happy. I could be myself without the judgement of others that I was so used to. Writing helped me so much to build up my self confidence I was in much need of. Here I am today typing out this very short story doing the things I love. I'm happy to say I made it and you can too.

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