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Wednesday, 19 December 2018 Contact Us

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[Poetry (General--not Contest)]

Days of boundless springtime pass,

We trample verdant grass of childhood.

Our lengthening legs carry us,

As distant as our dreams allow.

We doubt those days will ever end.

We dance.


Summer lingers long and hazy,

We stride the vibrant fruiting fields.

Work and words and love abound.

People and places of our lives,

Rise and flow and ebb like tides.

And still we dance.


Our Autumn arrives.

We gather multi-colored memories,

Like leaves that fall around us.

Sown affection yields abundant fruit,

We garner hearts we love nearby.

And still we dance.


Our winter enters unforeseen

Our world constrained by failing strength.

Springtime memories fade and fail.

Our squandered summers fuel regret.

Autumn memories shield us,

The dance goes on.


The reaper gathers in the harvest.

We lament his coming soon or late.

But He who waits across the chasm,

Prepares the feast and cues the choir,

And greets us, now by flesh unhindered,

To finally with wild abandon,

Join Him in the dance.

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