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Wednesday, 19 December 2018 Contact Us

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A Book With Blank Pages

[Poetry (General--not Contest)]
A Book With Blank Pages
Trapped in the incendiary netherworld of timidity
Bold words suppressed
Insightful words unexpressed
Emotions choked back
Disseminated inwards
To become part of the subconscious.

Of the writer.

Too fragile to put them on exhibition
For others to dissect
To criticize and tear apart
And possibly ridicule.

Words unwritten
Might they have been insignificant?
Or might they have had an impact?
Wringing emotion and empathy
Touching some in the heart.

Words lost
The writer was a coward
Too fragile to take a chance on being hurt
Too scared to put them out there
Where strangers might tear them to shreds.

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