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Sanctuary Cities: Revoke Funding NOW!

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San Francisco has just announced that it will not do anything to revoke it's "Sanctuary Status" for illegals.

After an innocent yourng woman, Kate Steinle, was killed on one of the popular piers in San Francisco by an illegal who had been convicted of crimes previous to shooting her, (but whom San Francisco did NOT deport), people are outraged.  Yet San Francisco, with it's amazing band of goofy leaders, refuses to change their "status."  The arrogance of The Board of Supervisors of the city of San Francisco is unbelievable.

No, not every illegal is out there committing vicious crimes, but one who does should be sent home quickly. The federal government should cut ALL funding to San Francisco until they revoke this so-called sanctuary status.  ALL FUNDING--NOW.  I don't want my tax dollars to go to any city that harbors criminals...Period.  And guess what?  Your wonderful leaders in The Senate tried to do just that, and The Stop Sanctuary Policies and Protect Americans Act failed.  Really?  I, for one,

am outraged.  Of course, King Obama said he would have vetoed it if it passed anyway, but nothing he does surprises me anymore.

The good citizens of San Francisco should put pressure on their loony-tune leaders to revoke this status.  Until then, I will not visit or spend a dime in San Francisco. How do you feel?

With the super bowl coming up in the Bay Area, it would be a good time for people to boycott SF hotels and restaurants until this Sanctuary fiasco is fixed.  The conservative wealthy who can afford a $1500 per night hotel in SF should put their money where their mouths are and find lodging outside of San Francisco for the Super Bowl.

I am NOT saying that all illegals who are pulled over for a minor traffic violation should be sent back to wherever they came from.  However, if an illegal is involved in criminal activity, then the criminal, should be deported.  We have enough of our own, home-grown criminals, we don't need to keep those who don't belong here in the first place.  

If, as in the case of the shooting death of Kate Steinle, the shooter was a repeat criminal,and had been deported many times PREVIOUS to shooting the young woman, the offender returns to this country, don't you think there should be some more serious punishment than a slap on the wrist and ANOTHER release into our community?

Meanwhile, Juan Lopez, the man who shot Steinle with a gun stolen from a federal agent, is pleading innocent to the shooting--he says it was "an accident."  Here's the real kick in the ass for you:  Guess who's paying for his public defender?  You guessed it--YOU ARE.  If this doesn't piss you off, I don't know what to say.  Have we lost our collective minds?  How can we allow this stuff to go on? 

San Francisco is not the only city that declares itself to be a "Sanctuary City."  I'll be checking the list before I take my next trip.


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