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Angels All Around Us


There is an incredible fascination with angels these days. It is apparent everywhere that, for some unknown reason, we are hooked on these mythical winged beauties. Why are we so preoccupied with angels?


5 Tips for Online Writers


Writing online can be the same as writing hard copy, but in some instances, writing online is unique. These 5 tips are indispensable for the online writer.


Social Networking; Is there a larger purpose?

[Society At Large]

Social sites like Facebook can be more than just a place to tell your friends what you had for dinner. You might be surprised to find Facebook pages that provide important social services to our community that you would never have considered possible just a few years ago.


Carmel, California; a Dogs World


The little storybook town of Carmel is famous for it's picturesque cottages, art galleries, and lovely stretches of white sand beach. On your next trip to Carmel, you might consider brining the family dog along for the ride. In Carmel, Dogs are welcome just about everywhere.


Life Lessons One Can Learn From a Cat

[Pets--Our Furry & Not So Furry Friends]

Ever heard of a cat with an ulcer? Although cats have many human traits, we can learn so much if we just watch our cat and learn!