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The Paleaku Peace Gardens, Big Island, Kona, Hawaii


Paleaku Peace Garden
When in the Kailua Kona area on Hawaii's Big Island, a short 30 minute drive to the Captain Cook area in up-country yields some beautiful attractions for visitors to enjoy.  One notable spot is The Paleaku Peace Gardens. For those who enjoy colorful, native gardens, The Paleaku Peace Gardens is the place to go.

Hundreds of tropical plant species fill this seven-acre park with gentle tranquility.  The photography buff will find beauty abounds to fill the lens!

The shots below were all taken at The Paleaku Gardens, while we enjoyed a pleasant afternoon, strolling through the grounds, snapping everything in sight!

Following a day of Hawaii memorabilia shopping, a day of respite in the gardens is a welcome change.


The very rare Blue Jade Vine hangs from the Jacaranda Tree in The Paleaku Peace Sanctuary Gardens
Photos by Shay Davidson

Waterlillies Water Feature--beautiful!  Photo by Shay Davidson

Kalachakra Stupa Shrine Photo by Shay Davidson                                                                                                        

World's First Galaxy Garden photo courtesy of Paleaku Peace Garden

If you are a camera buff, looking for a day's worth of amazing photo ops, do visit the gardens.  You will not be disappointed at the variety of rare plants, trees and colors of the lovely, serene place.
Entry to gardens is only $10 for adults and entry fees go directly to maintaining the sanctuary grounds.
The Gardens Provide acres of beauty & serenity

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Shay Davidson

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