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The Hawaiian Sunset


Fire in the Sky
Photo by Shay Davidson

I know what you are thinking…”Geez, another corny story by some lost writer about sunsets in Hawaii and how they send shivers down your spine.”

Maybe sort of, but hear me out. At least this story comes with pretty pictures!
It always amazes me that, of all of the places in the world where I have traveled, Hawaii is one place where people stop whatever they are doing to enjoy the sunset.

Each evening, no matter where I’ve stayed in the Hawaiian Islands, people gather at the shore to watch the magic that happens on the horizon, signaling the end of another perfect day in paradise.

Is Hawaii the only place in the world where there are sunsets? Let’s just say that the Earth would be in a heap of trouble, were that true. Is Hawaii the only place on the planet where the sunsets are beautiful? No. My hometown has amazing sunsets over Monterey Bay, so I know this is not true.

It is not a case of how lovely the sunsets are; it is about the culture of Hawaii, her gentle people, and how it all rubs off on oneself the moment the feet hit the Hawaiian soil. Everyone in the Islands treats the sunset as an event; even her native people who can witness it each and every day stop to revere the beauty of a simple sunset.

Folks who have never met previously, chat while sipping cocktails, taking photos of the colorful display in the sky, snapping shots of each other and comparing notes on the day’s activities. The sunsets bring people together to appreciate the best that nature has to offer.

We were blessed on our last visit to The Big Island, to have landed in a condo unit that was directly on the beachfront. From our third floor lanai, not only were the sunsets fantastic to watch, but, the visitors to the nightly occurrence were fascinating, as well. It was breathtaking to see the fire show in the sky, but made me feel better about the human race to see other people be mesmerized by the beauty of nature in this gorgeous place.

As I watched the small crowd of visitors below me one evening, I wondered how many in the group might be seeing their first Hawaiian sunset? It made me feel happy to watch the gathering be taken in by the serene nightly event on the rocky shore.

There is something magical about Hawaii that has the power to change people. Perhaps world leaders should meet in Hawaii rather than in a city to discuss political and social matters. It would be very difficult to declare war when feeling the peaceful beauty that is Hawaii.

When one leaves this place, you take with you something deeper than just a suntan. You never forget how the warm breeze feels on your skin, how tiny you saw yourself to be when watching the immense power of the Pacific Ocean--and you will never again take a sunset for granted.

The End of Another Day In Paradise
Photo by Shay Davidson
Angel Wings in the Sunset!
Photo by Shay Davidson


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