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Postcards From Venice


Jeffery on the Water Taxi from the Airport
Photo by Shay Davidson
Hello From Venice!
We have arrived in Venice, and it is quite an amazing town.  Truth be told, I’ve spent so much time going back to Paris and Hawaii, that I thought that the sense of being in "another world" had gone away—not true.  This city has definitely brought back that feeling of sensory overload!  It’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that this place, these buildings, were built in the 14th and 15th centuries—many much earlier. 

The apartment where we are staying was once the home of a wealthy Venetian family—the entire building.  The foyer has tall marble columns and marble inlaid floors—they don’t build ‘um like that anymore!  The flat has the original marble floors and parquet wood floors.  When I stretched out in bed the first night, I noticed the ceiling in the bedroom consists of huge beams, original too, I’m certain.
We have spent the last two days nearby, wandering our own neighborhood, The Cannaregio. There are street markets only 1/2 block away, with shops and restaurants surrounding them.  It’s all very convenient.  Just beyond that lies the ancient Jewish Ghetto.  it is the only time I’ve heard of a “ghetto” as being a thing of pride.  The section is one of the oldest in the city.  We’ll explore it today.  So much to see! 

I haven’t even seen the inside of a church yet—even the one directly next door.  It’s quite something to hear all of the church bells in the city go off at once—Jeff says it was a “happy ringing,” not the “get your ass to church,” ringing—too funny, he can tell the difference.  Yesterday we heard church bells, then a bride was riding with her groom in a gondola down the grand canal!  Wish I had snapped a picture of that!!
When we arrived, a water taxi took us to our apartment and dropped us off at the water entrance!  Yes, the house has a water entrance from the Grand Canal.  Actually, the only way to get here from the airport is to take a water taxi or swim, which doesn’t work well with luggage—just saying’….I got this shot above of Jeff on the water taxi.

View from our Window out onto The Grand Canal
Photo by Shay Davidson
Indoor Foyer of the Palazzo Apartment
Outdoor Water Entrance to the Apartment on the Grand Canal
Photo by Shay Davidson
I should mention here that we found this apartment on  I rent from VRBO often, all over the world, with great results.  You might think that this apartment was super-pricey, but by European standards, this is a reasonable, two bedroom flat.  If one rented a hotel room, two bedroom suite, I cannot imagine what the price might be--and there would not be a fully-stocked, modern kitchen with your hotel room either!
I'll add a few more photos of the views from the apartment window, and the apartment itself, below.
Just a note:  Once I found this apartment on VRBO, I was connected with a local agent who manages many Venice apartments.  This group, The Red House Companyoffer many luxury apartments throughout Venice and can be trusted to deliver what they offer to their clients.  Again, you can find their listings on VRBO.  I have never experienced the kind of service that I received from these agents.  Gaia arranged for a water taxi to meet us at the airport, with an escort to get us to the apartment.  I would not normally do this, but Venice was a new city for us, and because we were crusing after our Venice stay, we were traveling with lots of luggage!  If you travel light, you wouldn't need help from the airport where you can find a water taxi yourself.
View from The Cannaregio Apartment onto The Grand Canal

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