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kaye terrelonge
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About me

Kaye Terrelonge (1963-Present) was born in Jamaica, Kingston, West Indies, the oldest of three children and grew up in Bronx NY (12yrs) and Spring Hill FL (3yrs) During her early years, Kaye collected comic books, read and watched horror and science fiction books and movies; this interest was sparked by her father's love of them. Henced, her creativity to write. She has traveled extensively through Europe while in the US Army which encouraged her in photography, then as the years past not doing what she loves, Kaye became an English as a Second Language teacher; her first non-fiction book was based on her first assignment in China and currently developing the series of her other international teaching assignments with her own photos from her experience. In her spare time, Kaye is usually creative, writing or taking photos, whenever possible.

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